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2021-02-10, 16:45

Black and white landscape acrylic painting

I think this painting could potentially be a fantastic winter pick for a creative wine and painting evening with the gals. It’s simple enough that everyone should be able to manage it I think. It’s also an activity that is covid-19 restriction friendly if you do it over zoom. What do you think?

2021-02-10, 16:45
2021-02-16, 10:07

That's really cool! Some things really aren't made the way you think they are. :-) Looks like the perfect activity for friends that enjoy or are interested in trying to paint, draw and such.

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2021-02-16, 17:43

It’s so cool to watch people’s painting processes. And yes, indeed. 😁 If only my friends enjoyed painting and drawing like I do haha.

2021-02-24, 09:40

I thought she ruined it when she brushed over the original trees, but then it turned out that she was way ahead of me. 😀

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-02-24, 16:49

That would be a fun one to do in a group wine painting setting!

Happy creating!


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