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2020-12-28, 12:06

Abstract acrylic painting fail

I tried to paint this and it was an absolute fail lol. I mean it was a disaster. It looked like a unicorn was murdered in my kitchen with a ton of water 🤣🤣 but it was fun at least. Next time I’ll be more prepared. I also think the number one reason why mine didn’t turn out was because I didn’t use spray paint like she does. I think you need the spray paint for the background so it doesn’t come off with the water. She doesn’t say this but this is what I experienced.

2020-12-28, 12:06

Here is the video

2021-02-16, 15:01

I don't fully understand it, but I genuinely don't think yours are any worse than what she did? Yeah it looks overall weird with the stuff in the middle but I love the colours! (Couldn't watch the video fully, just checked out her painting quick) Looks very chaotic and fun to do, I hope you make an update if you try it again.

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2021-02-16, 17:38

Thank you. I love the colors too. I will provide updates once I dare to do it again or another type of abstract painting. 😄

2021-02-24, 09:35

#0: You know that unicorns only have rainbow colors in cartoons, right? 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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