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2020-07-11, 11:40

Bumble bee acrylic painting

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I painted this as a wedding gift. I meant to paint the shadow of the bee as well but it turned out terrible so I had to paint the background again to cover it up so it’s kind of messed up since the bee was already finished. Oh well. I still think it is pretty cute. 🐝

2020-07-11, 17:06

Such a beautiful painting! You are so talented!

Happy creating!


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2020-07-11, 18:25

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2020-07-15, 11:48

I envy your articity. I could never paint anything even resembling something that I decide beforehand. If it would look like a real object, it would be more like a Rorschach painting sort of luck. 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-07-15, 12:55

Haha. Just stick to abstract paintings and you’ll be good! 😆

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